Budget Gardening

Planning the budget garden Decide what you are going to grow in your garden. Decide whether you want to grow simple herbs, or a vegetable garden that you can harvest and enjoy. Keep it simple, in order to keep down the costs. If you’d like flowers and shrubs, consider where these are to be placed […]

Create Natural Edging for a Garden

Using Stone, Wood or Plants Choose wood and stone materials that look as natural as possible. It’s possible to get quite creative when using natural materials for creating lawn edging. Stone or wood make good choices. For the most natural effect you don’t want these to be too uniform, so choose rough-looking wood such as […]

Start a Garden

Planning the Garden Decide what type of garden to grow. What purpose do you want your garden to serve? Some gardens are functional, and produce fruit and vegetables you can use to feed your family or give away to neighbors. Others are more ornamental in purpose, serving to beautify your property and provide a pleasing […]